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The first album

This CD is the ultimate showcase for Richard Bob Greene's style of arrangements that do “more with less” - to have the listener hear the full power and weight of the band, even though there’s no band playing. With Angie’s warm, accurate, and intense soprano and Dan’s incredibly-rangy funky baritone/tenor, scatting and vocal percussion you’ll hear a fullness of sound that belies the fact that there are just two voices, no overdubbing and no multi- tracking. Melody, harmony, rhythm, meaning of the text, it’s all there ..... Along with some playfulness and vocal virtuosity that will have you grooving and asking yourself “How are they doing that?”

  1. Honeysuckle Rose

  2. One Note Samba

  3. Brandenburg Gate

  4. I Know That You Know

  5. Tanguedia

  6. In the Heart of the Dark

  7. Another One bites the Dust

  8. Temptation

  9. Let's Go Wild

  10. All the Things You Are

  11. Breaking Us In Two

  12. Milonga Del Angel

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