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Angie Doctor & Dan Schumacher

Arranged and produced by Richard Greene, with singers Angie Doctor and Dan Schumacher; all formerly members of the long-standing a cappella group, The Bobs, they have created a unique and beautiful project that is mostly jazz standards, some little known tunes, a sprinkling of country, and Richard's addition of genius original lyrics and compositions.

Naked harmony: one man and one woman, with no band, no multi-tracking, and no overdubbing–entangled yet liberated, precise yet passionate.

He Said, She Said is a cappella duets, mostly jazz vocals with some originals and other genres mixed in for fun.

Cover painting “He Said, She Said; Duets For Two Voices” by Fiona McGuigan

Cover artwork "He Said, She Said; Two, Vol. 2" by Jim Flora

Speak Low
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